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Best Service...

You guys really have the best service- very happy I re-signed my lease!

Sara F., Tenth & College 2011-12 & 2012-13

Best Experience in Leasing An Apartment...

Shannon was great to work with... Maddie is thrilled with her new place for next year.  It was probably my best experience in leasing an apartment (siblings at Purdue)--appreciate that!

Leticia J, Mother of East Bay Resident 2012-2013

It Has Been A Pleasure...

Thank you, and it has been a pleasure leasing from you!

Megan K, Greystone Apts 2011-12

Absolutely a Pleasure...

Suzanne, you've been absolutely a pleasure to work with and I sincerely appreciate your time and support. Thank you very much!

Jessica L, Grad Student and Tenth & College Resident (2010-11 & 2011-12)

They Should Get At Least 5 Stars...

I hope all is well today...And, the most important part of this email.  The JOHNS!  The Johns were fantastic.  They were professional, dedicated, knowledgeable, and most importantly friendly and accommodating.  If you all have a board where you put up gold stars they should get at least 5 a piece.  If you don't have one of those awesome boards, they should at least get a nice drink or two. 
The same can be said about yourself and the rest of the staff at Cedarview.  Everyone has been very responsive, helpful, and kind.
I wish you all the best.
Michael B, SubTenant at The Grove, Summer 2012

Thank You For The Wonderful House...


First of all, I'd like to thank you for the wonderful house my son rented.  He and his friends had a great year.

Patricia M, Mother of 533 Lincoln Resident 2011-2012

I Renewed My Lease...

Questions: I have had such a wonderful time working with Cedarview Management that I renewed my lease for the second year. Also, I plan to renew again once I attend Law School. They have renovated our entire apartment complex and it looks great, making it really nice to have guests come over and enjoy the atmosphere. Even when disputes arrive, as is natural for any relationship with tenants and landlord, they are personable and handle it with respect and fairness. I highly recommend checking out Cedarview Apartments if you want competent landlords who care about their tenants.

- Michael B, Woodstone 11/12 & 12/13

Maintenance Did a Phenomenal Job...

The maintenance team that came to our house yesterday did a phenomenal job in almost no time at all. We were surprised to see how effective and punctual both Chris and John were. They even found issues we did not know existed. Thank you so much!

Dan G, 533 Lincoln Resident 2012/13

Great Response and Service...

Suzanne, I just wanted to say thank you for the great response and service during the adjustment period to my new apartment. I absolutely love it and am having a great experience, so I thought I'd say thank you for everything.

Dylan C, East Bay Resident 2012-2013

Great Experience Working With You...

My daughter has had a great experience working with you, she is learning a
lot having her first apartment.

Brian G., Parent Woodstone Resident 2012-2014

Professionalism and Kindness...

Thanks for all your efforts in this matter. Your professionalism and kindness are to be commended and are appreciated.
Jill K., Parent Tenth & College Village Resident 2013-14
Nice to Know Someone Cares...

Jackie -- 

Thank you so much for working with the girls and trying to help out with this situation.  I am totally on-board with this, but, I know the girls have to be as well as the other group of kids.  You cannot know how much I appreciate you working on this and trying to make things work out for everyone.  

As a parent, I am trying to let Lizzy make her own decisions and "let go" (she is 20 now!) and it is very hard.  I wasn't sure this was the right decision, but, have also taught her that when she makes a decision, she needs to follow through with it and make the best of it.  It makes me feel so much better knowing that you actually care and have taken the time and effort to help out in this situation.

I would be more than happy to have you share this with others!  When your child is away from home and you can't be there to "protect them," it just makes it so nice to know that someone cares about them.  I truly feel that Jackie is very special to work with these girls as she has along with your "whole team".  As a business, you could have just told the girls they signed the contracts, now deal with it.  But that is not the case, and I am so grateful for all your "team" has done for us.  

You and your team truly have gone above and beyond, and, again, I am just so grateful.

Susie T, Parent of East Bay Resident 2013-14

Maintenance Does a Truly Great Job...

Maintenance does a truly great job. Special thanks to Ian for going above and beyond what is expected!

Olivia, Tenth & College 2013-2014

By Far The Best Realty Company...

Thank for your checking and being helpful the past two years with everything.  This is by far the best realty company I have worked with.
Garret G., East Bay II (2012 -2014) 
You Have Been Wonderful...

Thanks for all of your help, you guys have been wonderful to work with.

Elyssa C, Tenth & College Resident 2010-2011

It's Been A Good Run...

It’s been a good run.  I truly wish I had another year with you guys, but life in academia doesn’t always give us a chance to pick where we end up.  All the best to all of you moving forward, and I’ll be sure to recommend you to anyone one in the hunt in the near future.   ...and while I’m taking a moment to write, thanks for a great year at Tenth and College.

Mervin M, Tenth & College 2010-2011

It Was A Great Year...

It was a great year!  Thanks for a great apartment and a great year!

Rich G, Tenth & College 2010-2011

The Most Helpful & Professional...

Ashley ~

You were the most helpful and professional agent/ property manager that we dealt with during our property search.  You  were always quick to follow up with my questions and other emails and even offered other suggestions.

Joyce R., Mom of prospective resident

We Appreciate All You Have Done For Us...

We appreciate all you have done for us and Morgan. It has truly been enjoyable leasing from cedar view [sic]. 
Pam S, Mother of Big Red Resident 2011-2013
Thank You So Much...

"Thank you so much for everything you and your team did for us during our time at Eastbay.
Steve & Cristina, East Bay II 2012-2013 & 2013-2014"
Apartment Was Great...

The apartment and facility were great for our son this year.  He especially enjoyed the pool during his study breaks this summer.

Lori R, Parent of Tenth & College Village Resident 2009-2010

The Best House In Bloomington...

Thanks again for providing us with the best house in Bloomington during our last year at IU.

Past Residents of Stone Mansion

Topnotch Staff...

I have loved living here - it's not only a beautiful place, but you and your staff are topnotch. It's been a pleasure working with you.

Lee T, Morton Mansions 2010-2011

It Was Great...

It was great to live in Bloomington in one of your apartments!

Israel H, Greystone 2009-2011

Can't Wait To Live With Cedarview Again...

Thanks Elliot!  You're amazing, and I can't wait to be living in Bloomington again - undoubtedly with Cedarview!

Dan Y, Beechwood II Resident 2007-2010

I Loved Living...

I loved living in this nice of an apartment at such a great location.  Cedarview made our experience very enjoyable, and always made sure that we were happy and taken care of.  I doubt my apartment after college will come close to this!

Brianne D, Oddfellows Penthouse Resident 2009-2010

The Best Company To Rent From in Bloomington...

Living in the Penthouse at Oddfellows was one of the best experiences of my life.  The location, the amenities and the uniqueness of the apartment made it the perfect place for my roommates and I! Cedarview really proved that they are the best company to rent from in Bloomington.

Emily D, Oddfellows Penthouse Resident 2009-2010

Outstanding Service That We Had From Cedarview...

Everyone always wanted to come over to the [Oddfellows] Penthouse!  We loved being so close to everything - the bars, campus, shopping, restaurants - and I couldn't imagine spending the year anywhere else!  Even better than the amazing location was the outstanding service that we had from Cedarview and their maintenance staff.  I would recommend renting with Cedarview to anyone who wants top quality housing and service!

Marissa T, Oddfellows Penthouse Resident 2009-2010

Thank You For Making The Year Easy & Nice...

In regards to my experience with Cedarview Management I would like to let you all know it was great.  Thank you for making the year easy and nice.

Brandon S., Tenth & College Resident 2009-2010

Great Experience...

My son's experience with Cedarview Management was great.  His apartment was very nice and we had no complaints.  Any maintenance problems were addressed immediately. Great apartment for the price!

M. Landry, Parent of Greystone Resident 2009-2010

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